We have over 35 years of experience and technical skill to produce your live broadcast event.

Remote Production

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Remote Television Production is fast paced. There is no substitute for working with a veteran team of professionals. At Dan Black Studios we know what’s required to produce a network quality show and we excel in delivering a production that exceeds our client’s expectations.

No matter how large or small your remote production is, we have the experience and technical skill to produce your live broadcast event. With more than 35 years of television experience we know in every detail what is required from crewing, mobile production truck operation, and management to mobile satellite transmission.

We provide coordination, technical management, production or all three, depending on your production requirements. No two projects are ever the same and we approach each with a unique aspect that allows for creative freedom between our staff and you the client with the common goal of delivering a great show!

Whether it’s entertainment, sports, corporate or ministry event, contact us  to discuss your next project.

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